Monday, February 9, 2009

Amsterdam Market

Anne Saxelby writes a wonderful one page newsletter every week that she sends out to her mailing list. I highly recommend you sign up to get it She is such a good writer, I'm envious! Anyway, this week she talks about the Amsterdam market: "New Amsterdam Market would be the first of its kind in the New York, as it is a market of purveyors of local foods."

How exciting is that? In order to move this project forward and make it a reality they are having a benefit featuring a lot of my favorite food folk, including chef Caroline Fidanza (Diner and Marlow and Sons) Ross Gabriel (Home Restaurant) Kelly Taylor (Kelso of Brooklyn) and a handful of Long Island oystermen who have put together an incredible, hearty menu featuring local oysters that once abounded in the riverbeds and estuaries surrounding Manhattan. There'll be plenty of shuckers, plenty of beer, homemade bread & butter, fish chowder, baked beans, and sauerkraut.

A Winter Meal to Benefit New Amsterdam Market Saturday
February 21st
5:00 to 9:00 pm f/ocus Rental Gallery
599 11th Avenue

Get the entire lowdown by checking out their site, then buy tickets (50 bucks per person).

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