Friday, February 20, 2009

Alice Waters strikes again

Just in case you missed it Ms Waters wrote a great op ed piece in the New York Times today about the failure of the school lunch programs. Ms. Waters has been a long time supporter of the seed to table program (she actually may take credit for inventing it I'm not sure) and her Foundation Chez Panisse Foundation does a lot of good work trying to make people realize Ketchup is not a vegetable (it's corn syrup flavored tomato paste) and coke and french fries, fried in genetically modified soy bean oil, may not be the best options for healthy children. Then there are the issues of vending machines in cafeteria...

Let's face it coporations who supply the "products" to the "consumers" in schools could care less about anything but their bottom line. So it is refershing, if not down right exciting that Ms. Waters says plainly in this article:

"We need to scrap the current system and start from scratch."
And as all good cooks know nothing tastes better then somehting made from scratch.

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