Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Roast Chicken Part 2

A while back I posted a recipe for roast chicken where I was perplexed by how so many recipes called for additional fat to be added to the bird before cooking, there's a lot of shoving of butter underneath the skin of chickens going on out there in recipe land. It could be argued that the butter is added for flavor or to keep the breast from drying out. I maintain that if you buy a bird that grew up on a farm and not in a factory it already has tons of taste and never in my roast chicken cooking history have I ever encountered a dry breast because I am so adamant about buying local, humanely raised organic chickens.

To prove my point I cooked the chicken on a bed of potatoes which roasted along with the bird. Potatoes suck up moisture when they cook, these pictures show you how even with 2 chopped up potatoes in the pan along with the chicken there was plenty of fat and juice in the bottom of the pan. So delicious, simple and easy!

And for what it's worth I think there is no need to make a gravy out of this unless you have some sort of gravy fetish, just pour the jus into a serving container as it is and put it on the table. This is my idea of convenience food.

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