Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Perfect Day to Stay Home and Cook

The view from our window today and below the arty version

I'm feeling Indian Lentil Stew and a pie, maybe something with frozen cranberries or blueberries. One of my favorite things to make when I had just gotten out of university was a sour cream cranberry crumble tart.

I was so excited when I discovered tart pans with the fluted edges and removable bottoms, so much more sophisticated than a pie dish and in my twenties it was all about presentation, I'd just graduated from theater school so I suppose I can be given some dispensation for wanting to make every plate of food I made a theatrical event.

Then there are apples, I love this simple apple tart I've been making lately and if you are going out anyway you should try and make a point of going to the market and buying something from a farmer, their day started at 4 or earlier and they've been standing in this since. It's days like this I'm so aware of how hard it is to be a farmer and how appreciative I am of them for their labors.

Of course if all of this sounds too ambitious for you I hardily recommend a nap, really the perfect response to weather like this.

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