Friday, March 26, 2010

Ciao For Now

I just wanted to give a shout out to my favorite lunch place in the east village Ciao For Now (they now have three locations, but the one on 12th street just down the street from their original location is still my favorite).

Yesterday in the midst of catering madness I was able to steal away for 20 minutes to have a little lunch. When you walk into this folksy country house cafe the first thing you see is a sign listing all the farmers they get their produce and meat from. In addition to a dizzying array of cup cakes (love the bran muffin which is actually in the shape of a mini loaf) and other things sweet Ciao For Now has a wonderful menu of savory items. Three daily soups, a daily stir fry and sometime other specials like homemade pizza.

The food is always super fresh and very tasty, the staff friendly and helpful. Everything is ordered at the counter when it's ready the staff brings it to you or if your like me you loiter and chat until it's ready and take it to a table in the next room (the space is two store fronts that have been merged together the seats are in one the counter and food in the other.)

The place is always very, well, zen like and quiet, a respite from the craziness of the city.
Last Summer I couldn't walk by without going in and getting a glass of their amazing Iced Green Tea with ginger - often I would have to get two.

Yesterday I had sausage and cabbage soup, which came with a wonderful moist square of focaccia. A great green salad filled with baby cherry tomatoes and corn with a green goddess dressing on the side, a bran muffin, ice green tea and the bill was $14 plus a tip.

In addition to lunch they now have a sit down brunch with waiter service and the space is available in the evenings for party rentals they also do catering.

If you haven't been you must check them out the next time you are in either the East or West village. I wish I had an event to throw as I think it would be so much fun to spend an evening in their lovely cafe.

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