Monday, March 8, 2010

Edward III Absinthe

Friday night after yoga I went to Astor Wines to stock up for our dinner party on Saturday. The place was buzzing with activity and what seemed to me like an unusual amount of tastings going on, I sipped some delicious white wines from Greece, a few fancy reds from France, including a Ch√Ęteauneuf-du-Pape and figured I was through, but then I notice another small crowd of people in the liquor section, not a part of the store I usually go to unless I'm looking for some cooking rum.

Artisanal absinthe was big news a few years back and there are several high end producers here in the States, I've been meaning to try some, but had yet not gotten around to it so here was my chance. Edward III is made in upstate New York in small batches (this was their first batch so all the bottles are hand numbered, I got 478) with all organic aromatics, the grain alcohol is purchased from a supplier and I'm guessing not organic. It's a small 375 ml bottle and costs at Astor $36.99.

The three ingredients essential in making absinthe are Wormwood, Fennel and Green Anise, Edward III has a complex flavor that starts out with licorice, but as it glides down the back of your throat becomes more herbaceous with a hint of lemon. There is no added sugar or color, it's delightfully smooth with a hint of natural sweetness. And boy oh boy it packs a punch, that of course could have been all the wine I drank before it or it could just be that I am a light weight when it comes to hard liquor regardless it is a delicious treat to be savored. The fact that it is a locally made, mostly organic product just increases, for me, it's appeal.

Given the history of this particular libation it was fun to finally try it and it makes for great dinner time conversation.

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