Friday, March 26, 2010

Duh. New study shows that High Frutctose Corn Syrup is Much Worse than Sugar

You've heard me rant on this forever so I'll keep it short and sweet, new studies out of Princeton show that you gain more weight from eating HFCS then you do the same amount of sugar.

At the bottom of the article is an excerpt from a Nightline interview with Dr. Robert Lustig a UCSF Pediatric Endocrinologist who agrees with the Nightline interviewer that there should be an age limit on buying soda.

Yet groovy restaurants like Diner in Brooklyn serve Heinz Ketchup and brilliant foodies like David Lebovitz maintain that to use it on occasion in small amounts is OK - I think it's insanity and even more so when you factor in that the production of corn is subsidized by the government in order to make it super cheap so they can make this stuff (among other things).

Come on folks it's the small gestures that add up! We lived before it was invented (the '70s) and we could live with out it - I think there should be a full scale boycott of HFCS, it should be illegal, or at the very least highly regulated.

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