Friday, October 30, 2009

Shout Outs

photo's are from The Huffington Post

Michelle Obama's Fall Harvest was a huge success, hundreds of pounds of crops, 134 pounds of honey and it only cost them $175* to start up and they managed to get all this beautiful food and didn't use any chemicals, this is the truth that big AG, Monsanto et. al. don't want you to hear, they are selling products that no one needs and do nothing but destroy our planet and our health.

Thank you Michelle for taking on the powers that be and bringing awareness to families across the country to the fact that healthy, organic, local produce doesn't have to be expensive or elusive to the average family.

(For the full story check out Obama Foodorama)

My second shout out is to Keith's Organic Farm who nnot only sells the best rocambole garlic in the world he is the first farmer at the Union Square market to introduce bio bags, a kind of plastic made from corn which is totally biodegradable. There is a small charge depending on the size othe bag it ranges from 1- to 20 cents. CENYC should encourage all the farmers in the market to do this and set a date when plastic bags will be banned altogether.

Way to be a trendsetter Keith, thanks!

And my last shout out today goes to the lobster boy on everyone's lips these days Luke of Luke's Lobster for putting a large No on 1 sign in his window (proposition 1 is an attempt to repeal same sex marriage in Maine).

Just another reason to head down to 7th street and enjoy a lobster roll - thanks for the support Luke!

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