Thursday, October 8, 2009

About Town

Last week I went for soup with my friend Michael at Maychan Ramen & Robatayaki they have a sake themed modern decor, but as of yet no sake, they plan to have over a hundred kinds when they get their liquor license. In the mean time it is a great place to catch a reasonable bowl of soup. They range from 10-14 bucks and are damn, tasty and can still be enjoyed in relative quiet before the drinking hords descend. The Sake kight fixtures are tacky in a fun way and the soup of a good quality, Michael had a pork based soup redolent of peanuts and coriander. My spicy sea food soup was less successful, broken bits of clam shell and chunks of crab cartilage made for a challenging dining experience. None the less I'd gladly go back and try some of the other options or just had the pork n' peanut soup Michael had - it's was great.

Robataya hadn't even opened when I wandered in last week, they were having a small pre opening dinner, but the door was open so I went in and was wowed by the amazing look of this very beautiful traditional Japanese restaurant. I'd go just to sit in this room and enjoy the atmosphere.

I'm running off to Newark today to help my friend Frank prepare a cocktail party. He has been working with the St. Philip's Academy helping them set up a seed to table program for the students there. I can't wait to see it!

More later.

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