Thursday, October 29, 2009

Clarissa Dickson Wright Cracks Me Up

Photograph: David Hartley / Rex Features

My friend Ian in London sent me Nigel Slater's new book Tender - he writes for the Guardian a site I love and check out frequently, so I went on today and came across this interview with Clarissa Dickson Wright (she was one half of the 2 Fat Ladies).

It's an hysterical interview, I love the British bluntness. She doesn't sound like someone I'd get along with very well, but I do admire her pluck. Here are a few of my favorite lines, but by all means read the entire interview!

I signed the hunt declaration many years ago that said I would go to prison for hunting. It would be quite peaceful in prison – I wouldn't have to do interviews and I could write the prison cookbook.

What do you think of Jamie Oliver?

Jamie Oliver is a very good cook. I get so angry about him because he could have been such a force for good, and he's sold out to the supermarkets.

Gordon Ramsay? Pity he didn't stick to football.

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