Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Amsterdam Market and Dumpling Festival

Chef One, a commercial brand of dumplings (and other packaged delights) is holding a Dumpling Festival this weekend in Sara D. Roosevelt Park (on East Houston, the boulevard park that separates Chrystie and Forsyth streets).

It's very much a festival about product placement from their site, but they are having a dumpling eating contest for which the first prize is a cool $1000 (you need to register). The highlight to me is the East Village dumpling tour being given by the authors of The Dumpling, Wai Hon Chu and Connie Lovatt (I'm not sure if they are both doing it as he is the only one pictured in the promotional material). Sadly, though, it is already sold out.

In looking at the site for the book I was pleased to see that Mr. Chu was the guy behind El Eden Chocolates which was on 6th street, on the North side just west of Avenue A. Neil and I used to love his chocolates. He even opened up a separate kitchen down the street and then just as suddenly closed the whole shebang. Small business is always such a mercurial thing, the book looks great.

Also, don't forget to go wander around The New Amsterdam Market this Sunday.

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