Thursday, October 29, 2009

Meat Hand for Hallowe'en

Even as kid I never liked Hallowe'en, it always made me uncomfortable. The dressing up the asking people for candy, as soon as I could I opted out and hid in my room.

This morning I was thinking about if I should do something on Urbanfoodguy to acknowledge this pending holiday, you know a squash loaf with chocolate sauce or something, mostly I was thinking about sage pesto and Indian Vegetable Stew so not very thematic. Then, out of the blue, comes an email from our friend in SF Kurt from a site I was totally unaware of called Not Martha which right off makes me love it. Not that I have anything against Martha, I don't at all, I just appreciate the obvious sense of fun on view over at Not Martha as is witnessed by the seasonal meatloaf hand they came up with.

It really is disgusting and creepy, but you have to check out the narrative and the blow by blow pictures of the process they went through to get the finished product. The white onion as arm bone is truly a stroke of genius, check it out here.

It's still not to late to make one, although I would suggest that if you do make one (or two), make them for decoration not for eating. Even made with the finest local grass fed meat and organic veggies there is something a little off putting about the presentation that might make your guests loose their appetites (unless of course they've had a lot of pre-dinner orange root beer margaritas in which case...Bon Appetite!)

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