Thursday, October 1, 2009

Basis Foods Comes to the Meat Packing District

I was very excited to see that a company I had never heard of, but whose mandate I enthusiastically support is coming to New York. Basis Foods is "mission driven" NYC based company that is making it easier and more affordable for farmers to get there produce into the grocery carts of customers like us, easier and cheaper. They also have what appears to be very extensive wholesale network providing products to restaurants and stores.

They use the phrases "farm to chef" "traceable" and my favorite: "Food should be grown by farmers, not engineered by scientists."

I wish them the best of luck and encourage you to check out there web site and consider attending the NYC Food and Wine Festival which they will be taking part in.

It's not clear to me from looking at their site when they are going to open, but ti seems they have been doing the farm to chef wholesale side of things for a quite a while and the small retail store is a further expansion of their business.

I can't wait! More updates here as they come in.

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