Monday, April 20, 2009

Tuna RIP

News just in from the UK that Tuna, Bluefin in particular, may be extinct by as soon as 2012
The Daily Mail reports.

The population can only be saved by a complete halt to fishing in May and June, when the fish swim to the Mediterranean to spawn, the WWF says. The call comes as the two month tuna fishing season begins.

‘Bluefin tuna is collapsing as we speak and yet the fishery will kick off for business as usual,’ said Sergi Tudela, of WWF. ‘It is absurd and inexcusable to open a fishing season when stocks of the target species are collapsing.’

I predict in weeks or months to come we will be reading the same about Atlantic Cod, so you should hurry down to Whole Foods as they are having a sale.

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