Monday, April 20, 2009

Plastic Haters Unite!

Over at Huffington Post I came across this article called "Mothers Against Plastic" by Kimberly Brooks and I nearly shouted out loud when I read it "Finally!" Not only are we talking about it, but the grassroots movement to actually do something about it is finally gaining traction, so do yourself and the planet a favorite and bookmark I've just looked at it briefly and can already tell you it is going to be a great resource.

The first article is about stainless steel water bottles (which was also discussed in last week's NYT). I have one and have been trying to get Neil one, but as it turns out maybe it's not such a good idea. Just another ploy to get you to buy something else.

What we need to be doing is sending letters to Mayor Bloomberg asking for more public drinking fountains, remember like in the old days (or maybe you don't and I'm just aging myself)? Once upon a time we had a city government that made sure water fountains were conveniently located all over, but why provide something for free, like water, when you can sell it for 2 bucks in a plastic container with your advertising on it? I say let's put bottled water companies out of business. In NYC south of 14th street the only water fountains I can think of are in Tompkins Square Park and they are seasonal so you can only have water in the Summer. You'd think that in this day and age we could figure out how to provide water in pipes that don't freeze mid winter. Sure it may cost more and even use energy to make work, but it has to be far less then the energy and resources used in making the uncountable numbers of plastic or stainless disposable bottles.

Go ahead be an activist I dare you! ;-)

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