Friday, April 24, 2009

Fromaggio Essex

As any of you who read my blog or know me know I am a huge fan of Saxelby Cheese mongers at the Essex Street Market here on the Lower East Side. So you can imagine how guilty I feel to have to admit that there is actually another cheese shop in the market a European style cheese and gourmet shop called Formaggio Essex a satellite of their Cambridge , MA. store.

They sell all sorts of good things and I highly recommend you check them out when next you are in or near the Essex Street market. What I discovered on a recent visit is that they sell in bulk Sherry Vinegar from Spain and Olive Oil from Sicily. It cost a dollar to buy the green glass small wine bottle to put it in , but after that all you have to do is take in your bottle and get refilled. I love this! I love that smart shop owners are selling in bulk and reducing the waste of always having to get a new container!

I'm sitting in my community garden right now enjoying the sun and having a glass of wine with my friend Craig. It was so cute, when I walked into the garden a family, mom, dad and three kids had set up chairs and were watching the tree trimmings cutting down big branches. Fascinated and totally focused on it like it was a performance, very lovely.

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