Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kleenex comes with more than a feeling

This shouldn't even have to be a discussion at this point: Old growth forests or soft pieces of paper to wipe my butt crack with so I can flush it down the toilet? That's a real tough one. Yet dear friends of mine don't really want to see the stark options here and still find themselves buying the same old forest killing chemically dependent paper products. Please I beg of you please try Marcal or Seventh Generation or any other recycled paper products, Marcal as I have mentioned here before is actually a bargain, pricing themselves way under the commercial old growth forest killers products. My personal testimonial is that after an adult lifetime of using recycled paper, my noise and my butt still haven't fallen off, nor have they ever been chaffed or really anything, now when I run into one of those soft perfumed versions I'm sort of revolted by it, think of it as the Ford Escalade of paper products.

Think about toilet paper the next time you go for a walk in the woods, visualize the trees being torn down, loud buzz saws, mud, the faint smell of chemicals from the dying plant in the distance, then ask yourself if this is the world you want to be part of, realizing you have a choice.

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