Monday, November 30, 2009

Notes From The New Amsterdam Market

the Marlow groups booth

This is a little late in coming, but better late than never, right?

I'm loving the New Amsterdam Market it's a really fun, always packed with lots of people grazing, shopping and learning from the diverse group of vendors. I hope they can find a permanent space someplace in NYC it would be so wonderful to have this as a full time market.

Some highlights from this visit: were selling these dark, chewy, intensely rye flavored dark rings of bread joy for a buck that I ate while I wondered. It was the perfect foil to the goat Tomme I had purchased from Escot Valley Farm where I also had an informative conversation about rennet animal versus vegetable and the fact that now there is also a GM version. I was surprised to learn that most artisanal cheese was being made with animal rennet. So if this is an issue for you be sure to always ask the cheese maker.

My favorite discovery this trip to the market were the folks at Wild Gourmet Food who as there materials state have:

"More than eighty years of combined experience hunting the woods and fields of Vermont for wild foods and medicines. Much of their lives have been spent teaching and advocating for the woods and all the other beings"

How cool is that?

The next New Amsterdam Market is December 20th.

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