Sunday, November 29, 2009

Composting in Your Small NYC Apartment

I've tried several times to compost in my apartment and every attempt has ended in failure. I don't really have the lifestyle or space for worm composting (even though i think it's very cool) my freezer is full of frozen food and those small counter top composters that require expensive charcoal odor filters all the time are too small if you actually cook, some weeks I'd have to go to the composting drop off site three times, not to mention the nearest composting site to my house is a 30 minute walk or an equivalent amount of time on public transportation.

I don't drive, but even if I did isn't it really kind of stupid to drive to drop off your compost?

All of this to say, in watching this video I am reminded again about how I need to figure something out because composting is very important.

Given that we live in a huge apartment complex of 3000 people you'd think that we should have an on site composting station, makes sense right? My next project! Convince the Co-Op board to start a composting program.

The lower east side ecology center does great work and is at the Union Square Green Market almost ever day they are open, but it's time more people started composting centers because one for all of downtown Manhattan is obviously not enough. If someone eager to do this who has tried several times has been put off by the challenges that's a bad thing, composting should be as easy as taking out your garbage.

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Kurt Brown said...

It's mandated in SF. Every house and apt building has a blue, black, and a green bin. They fine large multi-unit buildings and businesses for not composting.

I guess that's just our "Krazy San Fransisco Values" that are soooo scary to the rest of "Real America."

Ooops, did I just get all cranky? Sorry.

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