Thursday, November 26, 2009


Neil sent me this video from Kuwait, I find it fascinating and oddly beautiful in a weird science way.

I'm posting it on Thanksgiving because it reminds me that as humans we find ourselves in a funny place on the planet, we have no natural predators. Even disease is being out smarted by us, which of course is a problem because we have created an in balance, over population and our voracious need to consume are destroying the very planet that sustains us.

Cheery thought for this day of thanks, but I think oddly appropriate on a holiday that started out as a celebration of the Fall harvest and has devolved into an orgy of over eating mostly of tortured factory farmed birds who've never even seen the light of day and the only thing seasonal about them is that the factory produces them for this particular occasion.

And could someone explain to me how marshmallows got mixed with sweet potatoes to become a "traditional" recipe? Somehow I don't think the pilgrims were eating marshmallows.

I'm bucking the trend and making lasagna today.

So before you watch the video go to the World Hunger Site and with a simple click help feed someone in the world who otherwise would go hungry today.

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