Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tin Penny Jenny's Blueberry Chutney

Sorry for my absence from writing, but I have been too busy cooking to think about anything but chopping, baking and eating (not to mention a fair amount of wine consumption).

I hope that everyone has had a good, restful holiday filled with good cheer and even better food.

We've had company 4 of the last 5 nights, every meal had several condiments, but my new favorite is the above named wild, organic, blueberry, chutney my friend Jane gave me.

Jane's daughter, Jenny, and Jenny's husband, Hugh, have a wild blueberry farm in Maine:
Intervale Farm, wild blueberries, 199 North Main Street, Cherryfield, ME 04622, 207-546-2589

Hugh's nickname for Jenny is the name of the chutney:
Tin Penny Jenny's Blueberry Chutney

I highly recommend you give them a call and get some or, if I'm not mistaken, they also still have 5 and 10 pound boxes of frozen wild blueberries for a really exceptional price.

This is a very small farm that is run by just Hugh and Jenny (and friends during harvest time), they are loving stewards of the land and support themselves almost exclusively from their blueberry harvest, maintaining sustainable, organic farming practices and growing an indigenous crop.

I heartily recommend you give them your support.

And if you want to know more about Maine wild blueberries here's the site for you.

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