Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A letter from Michael Pollan


Thought you'd want to know about this letter going around, urging
President-elect Obama to nominate an agriculture secretary committed
to reform. I've signed it, as you can see, and if you share the goals
the letter outlines, I hope you will too. Thanks for considering it.
Best regards,

We would like to invite to sign this live petition effort to encourage
President-Elect Obama to consider a Sustainable Choice for our next Secretary of Agriculture.

The letter is at:

Time is of the essence…

Within the next few days President-Elect Obama will be naming one of the most important posts in his cabinet — our next Secretary of Agriculture.

For those of us who care about the environment, sustainability, healthy food, animal welfare and creating local food systems, NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT.

A groundswell of grassroots support is needed to encourage President-Elect Obama to nominate a Secretary who will bring sustainable change to the United States Department of Agriculture.

A grassroots effort has taken flight.

We invite you to JOIN US in this grassroots effort by signing this live letter advocating a Sustainable Choice for the next Secretary of Agriculture.

Current signers to this letter include Rick Bayless, Michael Pollan, Wendell Berry, Marion Nestle, Bill McKibben, Wes Jackson, Catherine Sneed and Alice Waters among many others.

Please join them by once again casting your vote for change by
supporting a Sustainable Choice for our next Secretary of Agriculture.

Help make this type of change possible by signing this letter. Our
work has only begun.

PLEASE SIGN this letter at:

And then FORWARD to all your friends.

As you may know that this effort has appeared in numerous blogs,
including Grist, Salon and in the New York Times online:

We thank you for joining this grassroots effort!

Dave Murphy
Clear Lake, Iowa

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