Thursday, December 18, 2008

Secretary of Corn, Rick Warren and the politics of abandonment

I wrote a huge essay that took me all afternoon about my feelings on the mind boggling decision to have Rick Warren deliver the Invocation at the inauguration and the irresponsible appointment of Vilsack as Secretary of Agriculture. Blogspot somehow deleted it for me and now I can't get it back (if anyone knows how to do this please, please, please write me and let me know).

I think both of these men are crooks and the reason I went searching for the above video is because my lost essay ended with saying it is indeed a sad day for America when someone who spreads hate and intolerance is part of the inauguration and when someone who is in the backpocket of agribusiness is named Secretary of Agriculture.

This isn't change we can believe in, this is politics as usual. I didn't give money and support Obama so he could be McCain lite, so that he could support the corn industry by appointing one of their toadies.

It's time for me to move to Vancouver, because the only thing that's not going to change is politics as usual in Washington.

Women, environmentalist, foodies, people who believe in choice, progessives of all stripes, we have all been thrown under the bus before we were even allowed on.

Here is an article from ABC on scumbag Vilsack.

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