Saturday, November 22, 2008

Virunga National Park Congo

People seem to have a way of f#@king everything up.

Over the last 4 or 5 years I've been hankering to go to Rwanda and see the gorillas. Through super human efforts the gorillas and their habitat have managed to live through the genocide in that country and now are thriving. But I'm sorry to hear that the situation in the Congo is not so good. Apparently the rebels run guns through the mountains where the gorillas live.

Over the years I've become aware of the term "Jungle Meat" usually a reference to gorilla meat. I can't image killing one of these majestic beasts - of course starvation would be the only exception, but from what I gather mostly it's sport or aggression that causes people to kill them, not necessity.

Take a moment and check out this site for Virunga national park in the Congo and see how you can help. I have linked right to the blog part of the site where they give suggestions on giving and show how even $10 can really help make the lives of the rangers better and help to save the gorilla's from further devastation.

There are reports of gorillas being shot execution style by the rebels. As if the gorillas had anything to do with their stupid conflict.

Please check out this site and make a donation.

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