Saturday, November 29, 2008

Microwave Popcorn

Unless your popcorn comes from a farmer or certified organic source...check this out.

The line that gets me is:

"The department is constantly considering whether to take steps to protect workers against hazardous substances. Currently, it is assessing substances like silica, beryllium and diacetyl, a chemical that adds the buttery flavor to some types of microwave popcorn".

Chemical, buttery, dangerous flavor...and we need this because? I mean really? Diacetyl yummy! We need more of that in our diet. I don't even think I can say it.

I sometimes break down in theaters, but I never get the "topping." However, bottom line: if someone isn't going to be up front about where the corn comes from I'm going to assume monster corn from Monsanto.

And as for the "not butter"...just say no.

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