Monday, November 3, 2008

California leads the way

Tuesday the people of California have several important propositions to vote on.

One of them is Proposition 2 an important bill that mandates the more humane treatment of factory farmed animals. Wayne Pacelle explains what's at stake in this article from the Huffington Post.

Also the disturbing Prop 8. It blows my mind to think that in this time of high unemployment and fiscal collapse that the battle over proposition 8 has cost nearly $70 million. Proposition 8 is the most expensive social issue in the history of American politics.

What does it really matter to anyone if someone wants to commit themselves to someone they love of the same gender ?

Really, while marriage may have started as something set up within religious contexts, it has evolved to become a civil ceremony with significant import for issues like taxation, visiting rights in hospitals, decisions for you when you are incapacitated due to illness, and other practical reasons. The supreme court of California did not mandate gay marriage they simply said that the constitution as it is written already allows for it.

To write bigotry into law is simply wrong.

If you live in California please be sure to vote NO on proposition 8

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