Monday, April 2, 2012

Invasive Lunch

Years ago, at a French bistro in Toronto, I ate alligator and really liked it.

This weeks installment of the Perennial Plate is about killing invasive non-native iguanas in Florida.  It's a surprising video because at first you think it's going to be about how this thuggish guy, who has some form of arrested development and is still a 14 year old boy gets off on shooting frogs at the pond with his bebe gun, has grown up and is now doing the same thing for a living only with Iguanas.  Not so.  He's actually a compassionate, intelligent guy doing a nasty job that needs to be done in order to help bring back native species.  The fact that the Iguanas end up being so tasty is just a bonus....Iguana Burgers anyone?


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