Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cumin My Cocktail

After several failed attempts I finally found myself sitting at the bar at The Wayland  
(700 east 9th and Avenue C).  This corner spot has had several incarnation since I started to hang out on Avenue C but this is the first one that really seems like it's going to stick.  Besides it's Williamsburgesque ye old tavern aesthetic which very cozy and welcoming it has an exceedingly well curated menu that changes regularly and is most geared toward bar snacks but certainly you can easily make a meal of what is on offer.  I did and boy was I glad I did. The sandwich I had was oozing with rosemary mayo and chalk full of double smoked pork belly.  It was hard to make a decision as the pulled chicken sandwich and the sausage bread both called to me.

The barman was very friendly and efficient - I ordered the naughtily named Cumin my Cocktail which is a clever take on a whiskey Sour with yes, cumin in it.  Yum.  Be careful these things go very easily.
I had one and switched to beer. Although their thing is cocktails they had a nice selection of beer and soem wine too!

My view:
 The bar:
 The barman hard at work:
The Wayland has gotten a lot of press and from my experience all I can tell you is it for good reason.  they open at 7 and I suggest getting there early!

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