Monday, March 5, 2012

Vermont Leads The Way: Mandatory Labeling of GMO's

As reported at Treehugger proposed legislation in Vermont would make it mandatory for all food products to be labeled by 2014. The bill is being called the Vermont Right to Know Genetically Engineered Act  click on the link and sign their petition.  Basically the bill requires proper labeling of food, specifically about GMO's, but also they are taking on the use of the word "naturally" which always makes me furious because it is used in such as way as to be meaningless, it's just a cynical marketing ploy that manufactures have been able to get away with for years on all foods with the exception of meat.

This is good news and something many people having been fighting for for years.  Vermont is leading the way but several other states: California, Washington and Connecticut.

Hopefully in the long run this will result in a federal mandate for all food to be properly labeled.  

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