Friday, March 16, 2012

Coffee and Pizza from Seattle

Caffe Vita and Via Tribunali have been a long time coming.  When I first wrote about the two store fronts on Ludlow just north of Delancey that were being opened by Seattle Napolese pizza makers and coffee roaster.  Although I think initially it was going to be a Pike Street Fish place that was going to open and somewhere along the line it turned into pizza.  And let's face it, you can never have too much pizza.
Caffe Vita is located at 124 Ludlow and Via Tribulanli is next store at 122 less than a block up from Delancey Street.  I went in to the Caffe today and got a simple cup of drip coffee (french press) and not only was it a good strong cup of coffee it was, for a limited time, free.
The space is small with a small selection of coffee paraphernalia and bags of there home roasted coffee. One of the things that makes the space seem smaller is the large coffee roaster at the back.  I look forward to going in when they are roasting and inhaling.
When I took these pictures they were still just in the middle of there opening night party, since then the paper has come done and the two small rooms have been packed ever since.  Featured prominently at the back of the second more southernly room is the authentic wood burning pizza oven.
The thing I can't help but think about other than fine coffee and delicious pizza close to home is how hard it is to open up a restaurant in NYC.  These space were started in 2010 and had signs in the windows in December when I wrote about them, in a way that suggested that they were going to open at the very least soon-ish.  Here we are 2 years later, which is in its self a reason to stop by and grab some coffee or plan a pizza night out.

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Wenni Donna said...

Thanks for these reviews about this coffee and pizza place. It’s truly a fantastic spot to chill out with friends. I have heard that many pizza venues in NYC are awesome, known for offering different varieties at great prices. Few of them allow to build your own pizza even.

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