Thursday, March 29, 2012

Info Graphic Kind of Day

So in my ongoing struggle to learn how to use WordPress and get my new site up and running I find myself having a lot of anxiety and frustration.  Instead of leading me to the kitchen to cook my frustration out at how stupid I am when it comes to web site code and back end navigation (back end is not a lewd reference it is the techie term for the behind the scenes place where all the blog and web site magic happens) is leading me to the wine store.  Which of course doesn't exactly make for a clear headed me - thankfully as of yesterday I have given up attempting another 4 hour marathon where I try to teach myself WordPress code and back end magic and am having my friend, Yoga teacher and Techie genus Eli come over and help me out.  Still it's taking a lot longer then I would have imagined.  It's kind of like apartment renovating in NYC....but I digress.

One of the things I have been doing while trying to not explode with frustration and anger at how difficult it is to put up a simple site on WordPress is look at other food blogs and read endless amounts of food "news".  Today the thing that caught my eye where two graphics (I think it's a trend) explain how tuns gets from the sea to your plate and just exactly what kind of people buy solar panels (short answer: cheap ones who like to use a lot of electricity!)

I have given the links for both of these just in case when you click on them they don't get big enough for ya or because I want more info then the graphic gives.

One of the things that I notice about food blogs is they are always just about food.  Which may sound like a stupid thing to say, but I always have felt that how we eat and what we eat is part of a larger story and it seems to give short shrift to the big picture if all you do is write about Brownie recipes.  Maybe if you are reading this you feel the same way, maybe not.  I'd love to hear what you think...and now I'm going to go to The Brooklyn Kitchen and distract myself with some good old consumer kitchen therapy!


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