Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Bowl Rum Punch?

A lot of food sites like to capitalize on holidays or special occasions to present an array of dishes and recipes suited to what ever it is going on.  Given that tomorrow is the super bowl, I was thinking maybe I should give in and try and come up with something perfect to serve while people who watch the game can eat/drink while they are watching.

Of course this here site is filled with pizza recipes my go to favorite food for casual dinning.  They can be made in advance and warmed up when ready - If you make them on sheet pans I find the squares a little easier to eat.  I am particularly found of goat cheese, thyme, olives and anchovies on pizza and think it is best served at room temperature.

I'm not much for jalapenos poppers or spam Panini cut into eights or cheese dips out of jars served with GMO corn chips.  So if pizza isn't your thing my search has lead me to these videos of the Two Fat Ladies making a Jamaican Christmas.  I'm not suggesting you make the entire meal, but traditional rum punch and jerk pork sandwiches could do the trick and make for a very festive afternoon of food and football.

Jennifer makes the punch and it is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... she talks about how you should drink the booze of where you are, so in Jamaica it makes more sense to drink rum then the Whiskey you'd have back home.  Punch seems to me to be a perfect idea for any festive gathering and rather suited for a football game as you make a big batch and you don't have to worry about making drinks for the rest of the day.

For those people reading who live somewhere with a back yard the idea of roasting an entire suckling pig on a jerk pit might be a fun adventure or might seems a little ambitious for Super Bowl Sunday, but it certainly would be delicious and as they point out can easily be a leg of pork done in an oven.  Just marinade it the day before.

 I think it's hysterical the way they refer to the whole pig roasting as if it was a pet not an entire dead animal roasting over a fire.  Love these gals, thanks again to Chris and Skip in Asheville for turning me onto them!

Here is the punch:

Here is the pig:

I love her idea of finely chopped ginger...

And finally the feast in all it's glory - you have to watch until the end when the ladies sing carols!

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