Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Galloping Gourmet

My recent reference to my childhood food hero has made me go on a YouTube journey down memory lane.
My apologies for not having some actually cooking and real content this last week but between my camera breaking and this damn flu I have not been on top of my game, tomorrow I deal with the camera, the flu thing fingers are crossed it will be over by the weekend.  I've been working on a fancy Tobos Torte and homemade Marshmallows....much more soon....

I love the travelog in this episode: Firenze in the snow! I forgot how much Graham Kerr loved to guild the lily, but at the same time is actually very educational for example the dish he is making in this episode ia a gateau saint honore.  A cake that I have tried to make with absolutely no success...given the name I would have thought it was French, but apparently no it's from Florence?  I think I need to Google this, but in the mean time put aside 20 minutes and watch this episode - it was a different work in the 1970's and other then Julia Child this was it for cooking shows (no Food Network back then).

Even now I think he is pretty funny.

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