Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fake Meat

Above is the Citrus Ribs and below is the Duck.
So I was walking down Hester Street near Center street when I noticed May Wah Vegetarian.    May Wah is a grocery store that sells every kind of fake meat imaginable.  I knew you could get this kind of food at certain Chinese Vegetarian restaurants (Vegetarian Paradise being my favorite place to go for fake meat) but it never occurred to me you could buy it at a store....I was so excited by the idea of fake ham steaks I immediately went in. It's not a big store and most of the good stuff is in freezers that line the back wall.  The selection was overwhelming.  When I finally made up my minde (citrus ribs and duck) I asked the guy at te cash register how long they have been here.  Since 1994 he tells me.  So I'm not sure how I missed them all these years, but I sure am glad I have finally discovered them.  The two packages of fake meat I bought cost something shy of 7 dollars, so way cheaper then real meat.

I fried the duck in hot oil that I had cooked scallions and fresh ginger in and the ribs in dark soy with some sweet chili sauce and fish sauce.  After they were fried I put them in the oven to dry them up in the hopes of making them a little crispier
I made some bok choy and rice to go along with our dinner of fake meat.  Let's face it, it's not meat, but it really is good.

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