Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Soup, Pizza and Mezcal

I don't want to seem like a school girl with a crush or anything, but I have developed quite the thing for Luke's Lobster spicy crab and sweet potato soup. It's the perfect winter lunch, hearty and thick with a real kick of pepper - $7 for the large, 16 ounce version. If your taste leans towards something more traditional, they have a selection of soups ranging from Lobster Bisque to creamy flounder chowder and they all come with cute little packages of oyster crackers.

Neil and I went to Tonda the other night and really loved it. Originally the space started out as EU, they had liquor license hell and when they finally got one it never really took off. I'm glad to say that this large, sophisticated, but comfortable room gets it just right this time around. We loved our pizzas, the service rocked and best of all they offer a choice of white or whole wheat crust. We both had whole wheat (of course) and it was chewy with a hint of sweetness and really, really tasty. I'm looking forward to returning soon!

After my prediction about how mezcal was going to take the town by storm this year I ran out and visited Mayahuel where I found a funky, rustic speak easy feeling bar with an exhaustive selection of not only mezcal, but tequila.

The bartender was very sweet and gave me a few sample tastes, I ordered the mezcal chihuahua, a dark, Negro Modelo and two two small plates of food: a goat cheese, mushroom, huitlacoche stuffed poblano pepper coated in corn meal and deep fried and black bean/plantain croquette. With tax and tip it came to $52. A bit more then I wanted to spend, but then, shocking, mezcal here is not cheap like it is in Mexico City! They ranged in price from 12ish-30. It was well worth the splurge, and while the food was good the real focus is on drinking. Salute!

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