Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Prediction

Ever since going to La Botica in Mexico City I have been thinking about mezcal.

So the other day, while in my favorite wine store September, I asked Jesse if they sold any mezcal. They did, but it was like 60 bucks a bottle (making me regret not having gotten some in Mexico).

He also told me about this restaurant/bar on 6th street that I had passed before, but it has a very small little sign and no indication from the outside what it really is - well it's Mexican and it's stated goal is to introduce people to the finest mezcals and tequilas and some fancy Mexican food in a rustic setting. They want people to appreciate these fine liquors in a way that they have historically not been appreciated. In fact, they had been rather abused and relegated to boozy, spring-break-type, over drinking.

The restaurant is called Mayahuel and I'm going there tonight!

I predict that 2010 is the year of mezcal! And as I was thinking about writing this post, what do I see plastered all over a store front under construction on Orchard street? An illustration of an agave plant with the word mezcal written all over it.

The invasion has started. Cheers!

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