Friday, January 1, 2010

Good News to start the New Year: Wacky Whole Foods CEO John Mackey Steps Down from Board

This just in from Grist: apparently besides his crazy and antithetical political views a recent New Yorker piece exposes him as, well, kind of loony.

The article points out that Whole Foods, like so many others, has been doing poorly during this recession. It might also have to do with the fact that his Wall Street Journal article so alienated his base that a lot of people, like me, no longer shop there like we used to. I really like shopping locally, at small stores and markets, so it is now only rarely that I might go in to Whole Foods to buy 1 or 2 items when before I used to spend hundreds of dollars there a week on major grocery purchases.

It's an interesting article and the one thing I have to point out is that despite Mr. Mackey's reprehensible politics and his odd personality, Whole Foods does do a lot of good. Compared to other grocery store chains they are far more progressive, compassionate and charitable with their profits.

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