Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Healthy Butcher

My brother David took these photographs today during our wonderful walk about on Queen Street and West and in Kensington Market. This first series is of an amazing local butcher/grocery store - a place like this should be in every city and town. It really is the best butcher shop of it's kind (local and organic) that I've ever been in. The staff are total pros, informed, friendly and passionate about their business and it's mandate. This is me sleep walking (and I'd already had three cups of coffee!)

Here this is the sign behind the butcher case showing all the locations of all the farms that supply them.

Love this:

And finally some words of wisdom from Hugh Fearnley Wittingstall:

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Kurt Brown said...

A good post, and I loved the sign about twice the price for half. Kinda instantly convincing. But I was left with a nagging question...

Where's the picture of Mark and his brother together? I'm dying to see you two next to each other! :)

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