Monday, May 25, 2009

Some interesting articles

Two great articles in the Times today:

Eric Asimov tastes Rioja (I love Spanish wines)

Then Anne Barnard (funny how close and appropriate for this article is that her name sounds a lot like barnyard) writes what I consider to be a very exciting piece on the revival of local slaughterhouses and butcher shops mostly supported by an ever increasing immigrant community. She manages very nicely to work in the locavore angle and that the animals in these small local slaughterhouses are brought from local farms not factories.

It's one of the reasons I will occasionally eat Duck or Chicken in Chinatown restaurants is that the Chinese like so many other immigrants want to look into the eye of the animal they are going to eat. The lack of squeamishness of people from other cultures about their meat is very healthy, in North America we like to see our meat in the form of a hamburger, it's hard not to wonder what would happen to our meat eating habits if we actually had to witness it's slaughter?

Speaking of our eating habits, my friend Craig sent me several links the other day, my favorite one is this picture show of what different people have in their fridge.

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