Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Asparagus Pickle Tipping Point

For nearly a year now I have shared with y'all my enthusiasm for canning, in particular pickling. Recently I mentioned in a post, over Memorial day weekend, about an idea I had for Asparagus pickles. So then today I get up early and am going through my usual routine of checking in on all the blogs and newspapers I read on line in order to find cool, informative and hopefully interesting stuff to post or comment on here and what do I see in the New York Times today? Go ahead, guess!

Why I find an article, recipe, slide show and video about making asparagus pickles and canning promoting Eugenia Bone's new cookbook "Well Preserved" (published by Clarkson Potter).

Apparently this is the asparagus pickle tipping point. Don't you think the New York Times should give me a job? The great thing about having this blog is that for the first time ever I actually now have proof of my prescient nature. If you want to know what the trend is going to be before it gets into the mainstream, then you have come to the right place!

My ideas for Asparagus pickles are more exotic than Ms. Bone's, I'm off to the market and as you can imagine, I will update you with a recipe soon.

Oh, and one more thing. In the article she talks about not putting the pickles in the fridge (until you open them I'm assuming). For me, as an urban dweller, one who has yet to buy an official canning set up, I often only make one batch in a large jar with a resealable lid (you know that fancy kind). The jar is sterilized, I just don't give it a hot water bath, and after it's reached room temperature I put it in the fridge. So far this has served me well, the pickles I have made are all highly acidic and they last for months or as long as it takes to eat them. If you are truly putting up a lot of pickles this isn't a very practical idea, but I usually only have enough money to do a pound or so of something and I'm also leery to commit to a recipe until I have tasted the results first.

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