Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fondue Pots

My brother David who was in town visiting this week bought me an amazing old Dansk cast iron with a white enamel interior fondue pot. We were at the Diabetes's Thrift store on 12th street and I pointed it out, I had been coveting it since I saw it last week waiting to be priced. In trying to find out more about it I came across the above picture and just wanted an excuse to post it.

Fondue isn't a traditional Spring or Summer dish, but earlier in the week David and I went to Momofuku and had the first night of their new 4 course prix fixe ($30), which on this Monday included a creamy leak crepe with a dribble of mild honey.

It's hard for me not to imagine how delicious a creamy Ramp fondue would be, made with Fontina or some other mild-ish cheese with a buttery light sauteed ramp kick. A little butter lettuce salad, home made bread and a glass of white wine? Mmmmm, maybe the time for a fondue revolution has begun! Freed from the chains of Winter confinement, it's Spring Fondue!

OK now I really need to go to Yoga.

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