Sunday, June 15, 2008


Over the last couple of months I have been doing testings with photographers in order to get a food book together to send out to editors for work, I thought I would share some of them with you. These images were taken by Naomi McColloch a young, talented, Korean photographer.

This first image is of a piece of amazing farmstead cheese from my favorite cheesemongers Ann and Benoit at Saxelby cheese in the Essex street market, and respectively. The chutney is a spicy Indian style mango chutney I made (I love chutney!)

This is one of my favorite ever tarts, it's from a recipe by Francois Payard, it's called Coco Mami and is a simple pineapple and coconut tart that is soooooo delicious!

Home made hazelnut praline ice cream with candied orange peel.

You might be wondering how oranges fit into my "local" philosophy. I will address this at length later but suffice to say there are always exceptions!

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Naomi said...

omg mark! you posted our images...that's so awesome :) they look good. how have you been? how is work?we should meet up for that coffee sometime soon...

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