Monday, June 16, 2008

More Food Styling Pictures

Armando Raphael Moutela took these beautiful pictures.

I cooked an Indian potato casserole that had lots of cooked onions, spices and sour cream.

We played around with spices on beautiful plates with vivid Indian colored backgrounds.

I also made a Coriander chicken dish - l will follow up with the recipes soon.

Indian cooking is the best way I know to make vegetarian food and make it something really special. The depth of flavor, the subtleties of the spices, the wonderful buttery breads and the heat. I also love how long it takes to make Indian food, the process is so much a part of each dish. It's wonderful to have as a family meal (defining family as you see fit) where you get together early and all help peel, chop, grind, fry and drink wine while this labor intensive cuisine comes together. Then when everyone has gone home you realize that you've left overs for a week!

Truly I can't imagine a better way to spend a night, with friends and food, taking time to enjoy what is essential: love and nourishment. Much better then grabbing a slice quickly while on your way to drinks before you see a flick.

It's all about choices. OK enough of me going on, enjoy the pictures and I'll get back to you soon with a big Indian feast.

These are the type of hot pepper I was referring to in the Risotto recipe in my first post. They are called Arbol peppers and are readily available at most grocery stores in Chinatown. So when ever I say crush 2 dried chili peppers this is what I'm talking about. And of course hot pepper flakes work just as well - 1 pepper = approx. 1 t pepper flakes.

And they taste great in this Coriander Chicken dish:

With these potatoes on the side.

Fun with spices.

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