Friday, February 11, 2011

Perennial Palate: Milking a Goat and Making Cheese

Watching episodes of Daniel Klein's series Perennial Palate is to my urban mind like watching a fantasy cartoon when I was a kid at my Grandparents house on a Saturday morning.  Here's this young man who is trained as a chef who decides to take a year and live in rural Minnesota and explore how to truly live sustainably by engaging in the process of raising/growing/hunting/butchering and cooking his own food.

I love watching Perennial Palate but I always walk away with the same thought, which is most people on the planet, including me, live in cities, so how can we do this here?  Can we do this here?  This particular episode was encouraging as the goats live in a small studio apartment out back and seem to not need a tremendous amount of space to roam around in.  I can seen them living in one of the boulevard parks in my neighborhood on the Lower East Side.  Maybe in the summer we could take them up town to help mow the great lawn in Central Park.  Or maybe they would be happy living on the roof of an old industrial building that was now an urban farm?

I posted about Mr. Klein's ambitious project when it first started, but people (the press) seem to have rediscovered him these week as I see that the Huffington Post is going to be featuring him on a regular basis and it was on Grist that I saw this video and where they also have the recipe for the goat cheese.  City dwellers need not despair, even though we can't have out own goats we can buy goat's milk and make this cheese (sans the adorable goat interaction).  We just have to put on our boots and coats and go over to Saxelby and get a few gallons of Goats' Milk.

The Perennial Plate Episode 47: Stelline & Stellita from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.

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