Monday, February 14, 2011

Bompas and Parr: Jelly Artists

Jelly Artists Sam Bompass and  Harry Parr

Yes and when I say Jelly I mean Jello, gelatin, jiggly colorful stuff our mom's used to add canned pineapple and shredded carrots to.  A few days ago a friend of ours reappeared after some absence, she is a British artist who has relocated stateside from London and was in town for a conference and she joined us for dinner at our place on Saturday night. 

At some point in the evening Jane mentioned her obsession with making and eating jellies.
I was perplexed and not really sure what she was talking about, I mean she couldn't be talking about jello molds, right?  Not British artist Jane? 

Indeed she was, but as it turns out these are not our mothers jelly molds.
 She described to us in great deal about a jelly she made: by cutting a small hole in the top of a Clementine you can remove the inside then using crushed ice to quickly set the gelatin she made hundreds of very thin layers of black and white gelatin.

When you peeled the Clementine you had a black and white striped clementine shaped jelly. 

Aparently in Europe gelatin you buy at the store is of a much higher quality and has a much purer flavor or lack of flavor then what we have here. By adding fruit juice or ginger extract or booze or whatever have you, the taste is pure and clean and you are able to create subtlely flavored, brilliantly colorful and whimsically shaped edible art from it.

Today I got a link from her on Facebook for the website for the masters of Jelly Bompas and Parr. 

And lookee here what I found on You tube.  

And if you want more...


midcenturycharlie said...

I'll take the one on the left, with or without jelly.

jotta said...

Great post! Sam Bompas and Harry Parr will be featured at Remastered, an exhibition presented by jotta and Intel. Remastered runs 9 - 13 March. Want to go?

S.G.M.T. said...

@midcenturycharlie I thought that too, but the more I watch, I think I'd rather take the one on the right, with the jelly.

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