Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Something New!

I just broke down and went further into debt to buy this crazy little camcorder that sort of looks like a phone only it's just this really simple, straight-forward camera.

I got it so I could do food related shorts and market visits, some cooking, some interviews, and who knows what else.

Please bear with me as the learning curve may be steep.

This guy at the Union Square Market here in NYC sells very high end, beautiful Porcini mushrooms and Chanterelles and Ovolo (egg) mushrooms (very elegant and strange looking).

This being a very spur of the moment thing and a new thing, I forgot to get this guy's name. I did look for a sign, but there was none.

His stuff is awesome.

He's only there on Wednesdays, be sure to check him out.

The price as you will see is not cheap, but Porcini are never cheap and these are local and delicious and still cheaper then the Italian ones.

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