Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No Reservations- Laos part 1

OK, I know I have a thing for Anthony Bourdain.

I think he's really smart, funny, sarcastic and I so enjoy watching his adventures.

I traveled a lot in South East Asia for several years and in particular loved Laos. I had a store for over 3 years called LaoLao Handmade on Ave C in the East Village.

It's funny, if you watch all 4 of the episodes you'll see one dedicated to LaoLao, the moonshine of Laos. I felt if I was going to have a store that was selling beautiful textiles from that country it was appropriate to give it an intoxicating name which is why I called it LaoLao.

Anyway, it's so worth the watch, even though I really don't get the impression he ate anything he really enjoyed? But, to his credit, he staid away from the "nice" western restaurants and as is Mr. Bourdain's style he kept it very real,very touching, very compassionate.

My one disappointment was I wished he'd eaten dinner at L'Elephant in Luang Prabang.

Makes me wish I could hop on a plane right now!

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