Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Green Depot

I noticed a few months ago a big sign announcing a new store on the Bowery called the Green Depot, it immediately caught my interest and today when I was walking up the Bowery on my way to Whole Foods I saw that it was open so I went in, and it's AMAZING!

The Green Depot is in an old building on the Bowery, in the main front shopping area they've exposed an old iron support bean and printed on it the history of the building and the Bowery.

The guy who was manning the place was very helpful, they have been around for a while primarily as a wholesaler of green building materials, so the store is filled with a vast selection of flooring, counter tops, cupboards, rugs, paint and much more. One of my favorite things is all the liquid cleaning supplies that are for sale bulk so you can either buy a container from them or bring your own and they charge per ounce and it's cheap.

Definitely worth a trip to the Bowery to check out or incorporate it into your next visit to the New Museum's fab new Bowery digs.

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