Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bacon Donuts and other stuff

Just to continue the pork obsessed theme going, when I came across this picture I did find it funny. Maybe it needs some cheddar cheese dipping sauce?

I feel like I've been absent here for too long. Saturday I did a day long shoot with this wonder photographer Quinton Jones who I'd met almost a year ago on a food shoot I was assisting on. We finally managed to make a date and it was really exciting and exhausting. It was here in our apartment so I did all the prop styling grocery shopping and of course the cooking. It was good to do something focused like that again, it's been so long since I've had any work. Anyway, when Quinton and I got together before the testing we talked about what we wanted it to be about, and we both agreed on an honest aesthetic that showed the process from raw fish to plated fillet. It will be exciting to see the results and of course I will share them here.

My friend Craig sent me an article on the same day we were doing the shoot, from Mother Jones magazine. If anyone reads this and wants to share with me their thoughts I'd really appreciate it. First of all the title, Spoiled:Organic and Local is so 2008. The whole thing strikes me as unnecessarily dismissive of the organic and local movements and it suggests that we need to belly up to the bar and order ourselves an ice big glass of compromise. Yes we all understand that corporate agriculture isn't going to change over night, we also understand that our meat and cheese heavy diets are more carbon emitting then the form of transport the carcasses come to market in. Nothing is ever easy, nor is it black and white, yes we have to cop to the idea that food crops are a commodity a multimillion, if not billion dollar industry. Certainly I felt chided, it made me uncomfortable after I read it, the dashing of the idealists dream? Or just a reality check? Read it and tell me what you think.

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