Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Here is a silly article from the Huffington Post about two nutritionists who warn consumers that one can't always believe the advertising of big commercial food producers - SHOCKING!

Turns out childhood obesity is a major problem (like that's news?) and is getting worse.

Now the big commercial food companies are trying to figure out how to sell their unhealthy products as healthy. I mean, really, how insane is that? Can you imagine a multimillion dollar industry set up to convince people carrots are healthy? That oatmeal really doesn't take that long to cook and is much cheaper then this instant shit in packages? And it tastes better? That eating fresh fruit will always be a better choice than drinking juice? That you don't need cantaloupe in February? Anyway, I pass it along, just as an update even though I realize I'm preaching to the choir here and may sound a little shrill.

I'm still amazed that we have gotten so far from what is essential to our healthy existence (farm grown, sustainable, local, food), that instead of encouraging people to eat food, as opposed to "products" corporations spend billions a year on making and marketing inedible crap that makes you simultaneuosly fat and malnourished and then want to deceive you into believing it is somehow good for you. Obviously a touchy issue for me. ;-)

Support farmers. Eat seasonally. Cook at home. Enjoy your food with friends and family.

Tell your friends to make a stand for what is right and good and tell the big food corporations that not only don't we need them, we don't want them.

Our health and the health of the planet depend on it.

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